A Cel Organisation

Well weps is basically a website devoted to the environment and saving it this is as not enough people are realising what is happening to our world: The ozone layer is dying, greenhouse gases are taking over and polution is everywhere, and that is our purpose. P.S- Our website is fully coded and up to date with the latest HTML In addition to our info to the environment, we also give information about mental-health and how to save endangered animals

"Don't be someone else be yourself

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Mental Health

Mental health is what you feel like, so your emotions it is nowhere near the same thing as physical health as that is about how you exercise .Depending on how good your mental health is it depends on how you feel and work.To get a good mental health you need to be active and do some walking or running. This doesn't mean you have to do a ten mile walk it just means you can walk to school.

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Industrial esates are poping up everywhere we are not saying they are terrible but they are affecting the world. These factorys can affect the world pollution rate by emitting fossil fumes this happens becouse factorys need electricity to run and they need to burn fules. If it was a smelting company they have to do something with the exess smoke produced so they release it into the environment.


Living in poverty is terrible and it must be stopped but it is hard to stop as so many people live in it. Poverty is when people are living in rough conditions such as lack of: fresh water or clean water (usually cold water is essential and hot water is luxury) no shelter (this is a basic shelter not an amazing home) or no food (basics like toast) as some foods like cake are luxury. Here are some statistics: 20% of the world have to live on less that 50p per day that the worlds 3 most richest people's oney put together will equal the amount owned (altogether) by 48 of the worlds poorest countries, 1.1 billion people have no access to clean water, 30 thousand people die a day due to preventable (possible to be fixed) causes. 799 people go to bed hungery, and there are 1.5 million children without education. Want more info? Go Here